Significance of Lie Detectors

Polygraph testing or the use of lie detectors has created noteworthy controversies in various sectors including public and science.  However, there are many scientists and psychologists who have agreed to the fact that the foundation associated with the polygraph examinations is nominal.

Even Courts, like the Supreme Court of the United States has continuously refused the usage of lie detectors and the evidences constructed on the basis of it.   This is because, as per the court the polygraph tests is inherently unreliable. This is concluded from the incident cf. U.S. v. Scheffer, in the year 1998, where Dr. Saxe’s study on polygraph imperfection was mentioned.


Nevertheless, lie detectors UK are still seen to be used in some private organizations. It is frequently to display workers. At times they are also utilised to measure the honesty of:

  • Witnesses and suspects.
  • To keep an eye on criminal or lawbreaker on trial.
  • The lie detectors are as well used to make others prove the innocence.
  • Some private agencies also used these in certain situations.

liedetectors - uk

The evolutions of presently use polygraph testing techniques are entirely based on the strategy of physiological functioning. On the other hand, for many parts the modern technologies do not follow the “systematic psychological research”.

Earlier, researchers of liedetectors-UK have believed that trickery needs much needed effort. Hence the same could be diagnosed by administering the physiological changes. However, these schemes are not validated or confirmed. The essential research is restricted on the deceptive nature.

Initiatives to bring out the original test have outdated the theory-based essential research. With no enhanced theoretical accepting of the instrument which facilitates non-deception, nevertheless, progress of lie detection technique seems extremely difficult. Though the idea of this is soothing but it is better not to go blindly by it.