Physical Activity for life on Modern World

Exercise is an activity which improves or maintains your physical fitness and overall wellbeing. It is mainly performed for weight loss, to strengthen muscles and also for wellbeing of cardiovascular system. Regular exercises improves your immune system and prevents obesity and heart diseases.

Today’s world is shifting towards less physical demanding work with increased use of transportation and latest technology available in market.

Even kids are not interested in physical activities or sports. The internet, social media and emerging trends in technology contribute to this.


Benefits of doing physical Activity Regularly

Physical activity provides you with long term health benefits.

·         It improves the quality of your life.

·         If you can spend a minimum of 45 minutes a day, it allows you to enjoy the benefits. Doing physical activity regularly reduces the risks of heart attack and also manages your weight.

·         It helps you to maintain a healthier state of mind.

·         It lowers the risks of having high blood cholesterol level.

·         It lowers the risks of diabetes and more over make you feel relaxed and sleep better.


One of the major problems faced by today’s generations is obesity. It increases the risk of many physical conditions. Overweight is associated with many diseases and conditions including high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes which in turn reduces the life expectancy.One of the major concern of middle aged people is that the fat distribution over the body tends to increase with age.This condition occurs more in women than in men.For women, the deposition of fat is more around buttocks and thighs as compared to bellies for men. Potbelly can be major life threatening for men. With proper diet and exercise this can be controlled. A moderate intensity physical activity for atleast 30 minutes a day can help you to control weights. Spot excursing and strength training helps to reduce the abdominal fat. One can check the belly fat reducing videos described in which will eliminate the fat and make you look fit.


As society we are stressing to the point that obesity is a health epidemic. As per experts, change in one’s lifestyle and exercising is the very best way to fight obesity and other diseases.