New Economic Movement (NEM) for creating Smart Assets

Crypto Currencies plays a major role in the future of the society because of the enhanced security in transactions. Stock markets have started adopting this culture and it is becoming a replacement for the flat currencies at a steady pace and there is no more place of corrupt transactions since it uses a trusted and centralized platform.  Fang Albert goal is to create blogs on crypto currencies more objectively fact by fact pretty quickly and provide a better perception of these type of virtual currencies mainly oriented for beginners.

What is New Economic Movement (NEM) coin and its advantages?

NEM coins has been designed to create smart assets for tracking and management. It is a decentralized, peer to peer crypto currency that uses block chain platform technology. Since then it was launched in the year March 2015, it has become one among the ten top leading crypto currencies. It has gained huge popularity because the block chain model used by this crypto currency maintain secure ledger of transactions. Fangalbert has written many blogs on personal finance and NEM coins that is very opinionated and biased so even the beginners could understand what he has written in his blogs.

Fang Albert

New Economic Movement Coin Advantages

New Economic Movement NEM has the symbol XEM. It has number of advantages when compared to other crypto currencies. The first and foremost advantage

  • Performance
  • Multi Signature – Generally for a transaction to take place, true signature is required. But fraudsters forge the signature at times but this multi signature concept validates the signature and avoid corruptions during transactions.
  • NEM works based on algorithm proof of importance (POI). The POI helps reward user contribution to the NEM Community.


Fang Albert in his blog put in plain words about NEM coins for beginners and clarifies that block chain can grow without compromising.