Cigarhumidorguy: Things to Know About the Cigar Humidor

The people who have started smoking cigars recently, might be wondering about having to buy cigars, lighters and then on top of that humidors. Some people believe that keeping the cigars covered in a moist cloth is sufficient whereas others really spend on the humidor. This is because the cigarhumidorguy would provide you cigars with the best quality environment. The cigars are often known to absorb moisture from their surroundings. Hence if the environment is not suitable, then the cigars will go bad.

Mitigating confusion

If you are in two minds about getting the humidor for the cigars, then you should definitely go for it without much thought. The humidor will basically be a room for the cigars where constant humidity will be maintained. It will be like a closet that will keep the cigars fresh for oyu to smoke at any time.


The different humidors contain the hygrometers that can monitor humidity levels. If the humidity levels fall or rise from the 70% mark, then the humidor will definitely let you know. It is quite important to pack the humidor completely, as empty place create room for decrease in humidity. The wood that you will find in the humidors are ideal for the cigars which have aged. It really helps in maintaining the aroma as well as repelling beetles.

Preparation for humidor

After the purchase of the humidor, it is required to be prepped up a bit, you cannot start using the humidor immediately. A damp cloth must be used for removal of all kinds of dust from the interiors.

The humidors will not only keep your cigars fresh, but will also preserve the aroma inside them. You should always keep your cigars inside the humidor. A visit to will make things quite clear for you.